Our Volunteers

Core Volunteers of CEI (Glasgow)

The activities of CEI are carried out by a core group of volunteers, including the following who form the Board Members of the organisation.

Office Bearers:

Honorary President: Dr Malcolm Green
Chairman: Dr Mozammel Huq
Vice Chairperson: Dr Rose Mary Harley
Treasurer: Dr Helen Cargill-Thompson


Ms Aladin Ali
Mr Amish Amin
Mr Gurmail Singh Dhami
Ms Annie Howie
Mrs Kumkum Huq
Mr Tariq Jaman
Ms Liz Kristiansen
Mr Hugh Reilly

Ms Molly Huq and Miss Elaine Bryceland (Currently helping in Fund-raising and also in CEI Administration); Mrs Onyinye Ough and Mr Drew Ritchie (Actively helped in resource mobilization from 2009-2011). Help was also kindly provided by Ms Nishat Hyder during 2011-12.

Volunteers in the USA, Bangladesh and other

Mr Waliul Hafiz and Mrs Shamse Ara have been two of our active volunteers in the USA (Lombard, Illinois). Their fund-raising initiative and support especially for helping, in particular, the vulnerable people with assistance in cash and kind have greatly helped to attack poverty head on. They have been actively operating the US branch of CEI, with Mr Waliul Hafiz working as its President.

Professor Israfil Shahin of Dhaka University who has remained a dedicated well wisher of the CEI-supported activities in Bangladesh,in particular helping to facilitate various education projects.

President – US branch: Mr Waliul Hafiz

Members & Volunteers:

Mrs Shamse Ara Hafiz (Member, CEI – US branch)
Mrs Tahmina Rahman (Member, CEI – US branch)
Mir Mozammel Hossain (A core CEI volunteer in Bangladesh)
Professor M A Salam (A dedicated CEI Volunteer, Bangladesh)
Mrs Tahmina Huq (Nargis),based in Berlin, Germany
Md. Jahid Faruki (Active CEI Volunteer, Malaysia)